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Disabilities and special needs

Students with disability or dyslexia may contact the University Disability and Dyslexia Service to report any special needs they may have or to enquire about tuition fees reductions and services available for support in relation to class attendance.


ESU provides accommodation for about 1600 students from outside Padova in its 14 halls of residence, which are situated in the city centre or near to the university buildings. Four university guesthouses are also available for short term stays.
Accommodation in halls of residence is governed by a competition. All the information about requirements and deadlines can be found every year from the end of June at
Prices are calculated according to student merit, family means, and the on-site facilities.
University guesthouses are open from October to the end of July. The prices and quality of the rooms make them a competitive option for students, teachers and researchers in search of short term accommodation. From the end of August to the end of September the Copernico hall of residence also offers a bed & breakfast service for students and families, which includes reading rooms and internet points.
For further information go to
For bookings, write to; you will be asked to provide your personal details and the dates of arrival and departure.

For information about competitions:
Ufficio Benefici e Interventi / Financial support office
via San Francesco 122, 35121 Padova
tel. +39 049 8235672 – 5673 – 5674
fax +39 049 8235677

For information about halls of residences and guesthouses;
ESU Accommodation Service
via Tiepolo 46, 35129 Padova
tel. +39 049 8941160
fax +39 049 7800187

Further information:

University Canteens

ESU canteens are near to the city centre or to the main University buildings.
A wide choice of food is available including three first courses, five second courses, side dishes, drinks, desserts or coffee. A light meal or pizza can also be purchased using a University card that can be topped up at prepayment machines located in the canteens. The charges normally vary from 2.30 euro to 4 euro, depending on the student’s financial situation and merit. Additional discounts are available for students eligible for or awarded study grants and for people accompanying disabled students (only if eligible for or awarded study grants). The ESU also guarantees this service to students at the University’s satellite sites (Castelfranco Veneto, Conegliano, Feltre, Rovigo, Treviso, Portogruaro, Vicenza) thanks to agreements with local restaurants and other self-service caterers.

For information on prices and discounts:
Ufficio Benefici e Interventi / Financial Support Office
via San Francesco 122, 35121 Padova
phone 049.8235672 – 5673 – 5674
fax 049.8235677

For information on University canteens:
Ufficio Ristorazione Universitaria / University Catering Office
via San Francesco 122, 35121 Padova
phone 049.8235686
fax 049.8235684

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Library Centre

To develop co-ordinated library services, the University of Padova has set up a Library Centre, to oversee and promote the facilities and services offered by the several University of Padova libraries in the city. The Library Centre also focuses on the development of advanced services, such as:

  • On-line Public Automated Catalogue (OPAC)
  • On-line University databases
  • Electronic journals available on-line
  • Access to non-paper-based documents (multimedial, hypertextual, etc.) directly from the OPAC
  • Inter-library lending and document delivery service.

All information:


Italian students registered at the University but resident in a different district may:

  • receive free guaranteed medical assistance from a doctor of their choice;
  • use their current local health authority (ULSS 16) certificate.

Foreign students must apply for a health certificate at the ULSS 16 office in Padova in order to benefit from any form of Italian health service treatment. Once obtained, this certificate grants students the same standard of medical cover and treatment as Italian students resident in Padova.
Further information:

ULSS 16 – Public Relations Office
URP – Ufficio Relazioni con il Pubblico
via degli Scrovegni 12
tel.: +39 049 8214050
Opening hours: 8.30-13

ULSS 16 – International Relations Office
International Relations Office
via degli Scrovegni 12
tel.: +39 049 8214069

Sport and Sports Associations

Padova’s University Sport Centre (CUS), founded in 1946, enables students to take part both in competitive and non-competitive sports at the two facilities in via Giordano Bruno and via Jacopo Corrado. The CUS participates in some competitions such as the Ludi del BO and the University Games.

Cus Padova
via Giordano Bruno 27
tel.: +39 049 685222 +39 049 681761