Stages and thesis


In the last semester of the program students are required to take an internship at a private firm, a public institutions or at a research lab. The related work will be reported in the Master Thesis, to be written under the supervision of a professor.

Stage opportunities in Italy

Research stages are offered by our partner FBK

Professional stages

ACCENTURE (click for description and contacts)


ENGINSOFT (contact







Stage opportunities abroad

High School of Economics (Moskow)

Here is a list of possible projects

Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (Tübingen)

Research internships are available, on the topics described here

Worldsensing (Barcelona)

See here for a general description of the Company, specific stage project are described here.

Eurostat (Luxemburg)

Stages are available on the following topics, in the context of the public administration: text mining, process automation, chatbots, smart search, data reporting, data integration. Updates will be published soon.