Master in Data Science

The Master’s degree in Data Science at the University of Padova prepares students to be experts in data analysis, gaining interdisciplinary skills across a number of disciplines and technologies. These skills are in high demand and are key to the analysis of the large amounts of data that today’s society and businesses operate upon.

The offered curricula cover a broad range of theories and tools from engineering, computer science, mathematics, statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data. Through this MS program, the students will learn to collect, organize and process big data amounts, obtaining highly valuable information for businesses and industrial processes.

The student will be trained in a variety of fields including big data, deep and statistical learning, bioinformatics, and human data analysis, being exposed to hands-on laboratory activities. They will also acquire knowledge of the legal, ethical, and business issues associated with the acquisition and treatment of data.

24 Professors



9 Laboratories



10 Internship facilities


Internship facilities

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