A real bridge to work

We are in constant connection with companies, public bodies, and research centers to offer unique opportunities that help our students build their future

During their master’s degree program in Data Science, students undertake an internship at a company, industry, research center, or university lab

The internship allows for developing new skills, coming into contact with the daily working environment, developing awareness of the needs of the market and customers

These skills are highly valued by the job market, strengthen the students’ curriculum, and enhance their employment opportunities

We are connected with a number of selected industry and research partners, in Italy and around the world

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The internship usually takes place during the 2nd year, 2nd semester, and, although not compulsory, is often combined with the master’s degree thesis

A short guide to internships is available here

A detailed guide for enrolled students is available on the elearning platform

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Video presentation

The Career Service of the University of Padua presents the “Students meet companies” infoday

This is a yearly event, which gives students a great opportunity to look ahead, prepare for their final year internship, and get acquainted with the real world and the needs of the companies

11 companies, motivated by the extraordinary variety of contexts in which Data Science is required, took turns in sharing their internship proposals, underlining the need for professional data scientists

Data-driven inference and decision-making tools are becoming a strategic asset for industries and businesses across a wide range of domains including healthcare, finance, digital industry, ICT, smart cities, Internet of Things, Web marketing, national security

Career Service University of Padua – Gilda Rota
Data Science students meet companies

Global map

Fondazione Bruno Kessler
IRCCS “Lazzaro Spallanzani”

Companies presentation

AzzurroDigitale - Anna Da Rin and Giovanni Prior

Data Science students meet companies

Engineering, Michele Gabusi and Monica Franceschini

Data Science students meet companies

EnginSoft, Manolo Venturin

Data Science students meet companies

Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Luciano Serafini

Data Science students meet companies

G.M.T., Emanuele Giglio

Data Science students meet companies

Lazzaro Spallanzani IRCCS, Tommaso Ascoli Bortoli

Data Science students meet companies

Phinergy, Enrico Edoli

Data Science students meet companies


Data Science students meet companies

Technology Reply, Davide Lappon and Riccardo Sella

Data Science students meet companies

Gruppo SCAI, Lisa Del Campio and Francesco Pizzi

Data Science students meet companies